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Category: General
Mar 29, 2015

Who is in your Scottish Family Tree?

Who is in your Scottish family tree?


The reinterment of Richard III earlier this week brought back memories of a previous project conducted by Scottish Genealogy Research. Richard’s identity had been established by DNA testing and the results had been confirmed by respected experts.  


Just as millions were enthralled it reminded me of a previous project a number of years ago

As we have strict rule of client confidentiality we have not recorded the surname.


Our client at the start of the project informed us that his great grandmother had always said that there was “a lady” in the family. Such stories are not uncommon but can become embellished through the generations and our research procedure of linking individuals by documentary evidence is never influenced by family stories.  However our intensive research did in fact prove without doubt that the story was true and our client was a distant relative of a Scottish aristocrat.


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