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Scottish Genealogy Research is a team of researchers with over 25 years of experience of searching and interpreting the genealogical records of Scotland. We define genealogy as being the linking of individuals by documentary evidence and only use primary sources. We are dedicated, passionate, and believe that a family tree can be more than just names and dates. We are proud to say that we leave no stone unturned and if possible will discover what your ancestors did to put bread on the table. Where they were born, married and died. We guarantee total accuracy in our transcriptions and are honest enough to say “unknown” should a written record be illegible.

Prior to statutory registration births, baptisms, marriages and deaths were the responsibility of the Church of Scotland and are referred to as the Old Parish Registers. The responsibility for maintaining these registers was normally the parish minister or session clerk.

Statutory registration of births death, and marriages began on the 1st Jan 1855 when it became a legal requirement to register and record all such events. The information contained in these records has evolved over the years, but the amount of information recorded is the envy of many countries.

Scottish family history or ancestry has become one of the biggest past-times or hobbies and we at Scottish Genealogy Research understand the work and effort you have spent compiling your Scottish Family Search.

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How can we help you trace your trace and find your Scottish Roots?

If you are one of the millions of people world-wide who have Scottish ancestry and want to find out more about your Scottish ancestors we can assist you. Scottish Genealogy Research is a team of researchers who specialise in researching your Scottish family history.

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